Wagyu is a breed of cattle developed by Japanese farmers since 1500's.
Some of these cattle were imported into the US in the 1990's and our cattle are direct decedent of these cattle.


What so special about wagyu

They marble like crazy. Their fat is monounsaturated has a lower melting point than conventional beef. Their tenderness is surprising and once you get use to the mouth feel of Wagyu it is difficult to go back to regular beef.

What is the best way to cook wagyu

Sear the edges and stick them in the oven to finish. We do not recommend going pass medium. Searing them over open flame will give the steaks a little more texture versus searing them over non open flame.

How do you ship

We ship via UPS in a specialized cooler box with dry ice. Product will arrive still frozen.
Customers are welcome to pick products up at the farm. Please call ahead and we will try our best to meet your needs.

What is the best deal

Purchasing animals by the Quarter i.e. one whole animal divided equally into four equal parts. It contains about 220 pounds of beef and breaks down to 15% steak, 35% roast and 50% hamburger.

How do you feed your animal

Our feed are source from what we can grow here at the farm and our neighbors. It is a corn base feed and in order to achieve the best marbling on our meat, we feed them for more than 840 days. We try our best to keep our animal comfortable and practice humane handing methods. We do not use any hormone in finishing our animals.